What is the life expectancy of my HVAC system?

All HVAC equipment life expectancy is about 15-20 years

Do we provide a free estimate on repairs?

yes free estimate on repairs

What is the difference between a free estimate and a diagnostic?

free estimate normally when people wants to upgrade their equipment, Diagnosing when there are problems with the unit And we go find it

How much is your diagnostic fee and what does it cover?

yes diagnosting fee can be applied toward repair

Can my diagnostic fee be applied toward the cost of my repair?

yes diagnosting fee can be applied toward repair

How long are your time frames? Why are they so long and can you provide a more accurate time?

we don’t have time delays we respond to emergency cases asap

What services do you provide?

furnace-boiler-hot water tank-air conditioning-tankless-heat pump-air duct cleaning

What is included in your maintenance package?

free standard size filter Check for gas leak
Check for co level
Check burner flame
Check gas pressure
Check fan & motor