Maintaining your family’s comfort indoors is a crucial responsibility of your air conditioner. It may be both expensive and frustrating when an air conditioner breaks down. Our staff at Fasco Mechanical makes installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioners less frustrating.

AC Repairs

We’ll immediately diagnose the issue if your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly after visiting your home. If a repair is the best choice for you, we’ll see to it that it is carried out as soon as possible and accurately. In order to complete many repairs on the same visit as the estimate, Fasco Mechanical locations make sure that their cars are well-stocked.

AC Installation

For reasons of cost, efficiency, and other factors, it may be necessary to replace an aging air conditioner. It’s never a one-size-fits-all process when selecting an air conditioner, though. For a precise assessment of which air conditioner will serve you best, our AC specialists visit your home. Your tastes, budget, and other essential aspects that affect your comfort and the comfort of your home will always be taken into account while we work with you.

AC Maintenance

It’s crucial to maintain your air conditioner because it will prolong the life of your machine. By simply changing their filters on a regular basis, homeowners might actually increase their unit’s efficiency by 5 to 15%! In some cases, system maintenance is necessary annually to maintain the validity of manufacturer and repair warranties. To accommodate diverse spending limits and needs, we provide a selection of annual maintenance options. In addition, we offer member benefits, including priority service, product and repair savings, and more.

Maintaining your family's comfort indoors is our priority

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    Choose Between AC Installation or AC Repair

    It may not be wise to spend money on an expensive repair when HVAC equipment is old or broken. When compared to installing a new AC system, our expert technicians can explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option. The best option is occasionally to purchase a brand-new AC unit that is both energy-efficient and excellent in terms of performance and monthly energy costs. Make a call right away — we can install any AC unit!

    Longevity of HVAC Units

    A standard HVAC unit, when properly maintained and depending on the type, can last up to 15 years. Your heating and cooling system must have regular annual maintenance to continue working effectively. Allow our professionals to assess your system and maintain it over time to ensure the continued proper operation of your HVAC system.

    Choose the Most Reliable Fasco Mechanical

    Our company, Fasco Mechanical, was founded on the principle that every customer deserves the greatest care, starting with reliable specialists. Many times, technicians who have been establishing relationships with and serving their communities for years are the owners of local Fasco Mechanical locations.

    Unparalleled Service

    Each of our technicians has a valid license, is certified, and goes through ongoing training to stay abreast of the most recent innovations and goods in the market. All of our work is supported by a third-party guarantee because we want you to be happy. You can be sure that we are responsible for offering a high standard of service with each visit thanks to this.