With the service and repair offered by Fasco Mechanical for gas fireplaces, you can make your house warm safely and effectively. Gas fireplaces can be a little difficult for the typical homeowner to maintain because there are numerous sections that need to be cleaned or examined. It’s simple to overlook a checkup or completely neglect to maintain your gas fireplace until it breaks.

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Gas Fireplace Repair Service

Because they are gas-fired, these units solve the major issue of wood-smoke pollution, which in some areas reached crisis levels a few decades ago. These gas fireplaces emit almost no particles, in contrast to wood-burning fireplaces.

Why Get a Gas Fireplace Serviced?

Gas fireplaces require routine fireplace care and servicing to run properly and extend their lifespan even though they burn cleanly without leaving behind the smoke, cinders, or wood ash or needing to wipe out sooty chimneys.

Only individuals who are comfortable working near natural gas should attempt to clean their gas fireplace alone. Call Fasco Mechanical to handle the task if you’re hesitant to handle a natural gas line.

Gas Fireplace Repair Service

Our gas fireplace repair service includes cleaning, diagnosing, and an inspection report for your gas fireplace device. Gas fireplace manufacturers advise having your gas appliance tuned up once a year to guarantee safe operations and peak functionality. The following are the places that our gas fireplace service professional will evaluate for safety:

  • Test pilot igniter
  • Clean and adjust the unit’s burner settings
  • Clean front and back of glass on unit
  • Clean and reposition fireplace logs
  • Check seals for safety and proper fit
  • Clean heat exchange

When to Get a Fireplace Service

Depending on how much you use the fireplace, you should obtain a service check every so often. You should conduct or schedule servicing once a year, ideally early in the summer, if you enjoy a raging fire from autumn till spring. You can usually get by with a fireplace service check every two years if you just occasionally use your gas fireplace.

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    Fireplace Servicing Cost

    The price to service a gas fireplace will vary depending on your location, the size and condition of your fireplace, and whether or not the call is urgent. However, it could be substantially higher in other places, budget between $100 and $200. The cost of a DIY fireplace service is low, particularly if no parts need to be changed.

    DIY services, however, will not yield the intended outcomes. It would help if you spoke with experts for a thorough inspection and servicing of the gas fireplace. This is when Fasco Mechanical will really come in handy. We can handle all of your gas fireplace needs, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

    Certified Gas Fireplace Experts

    Fasco Mechanical experts can assist if your fireplace won’t turn on or won’t remain on. Start by using our simple instructions. Call us if your fireplace is still not operating properly. We can work with any type. Since all of our technicians are fully certified, they have undergone extensive training to better serve your needs. A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backs up all of our excellent work.